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Middle East Technical Solutions
         P.O. Box: 4323 Riyadh - 11491, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Total Solution provider for POWER and TELECOM sectors

We, Middle East Technical Solutions (herein after referred to as METS) are a Company engaged for 13 years from 2003 in the field of:

  1. Power Transmission Lines for turnkey projects as an EPC contractor to NG (National Grid of Saudi Arabia); Including Design & Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning works,
  2. Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning works of EHV/HV cable and accessories,
  3. Testing & commissioning works with Hi-Pot test up to 380kV cable, transformer and GIS, Protection and Tele-communication systems for EHV/HV Substations.


We are committed to being a Company of the Highest Quality in every aspect of our Business Activities. We believe that our Customers are the only justification for our existence as a Business Company and that pursuit of Customer satisfaction must be considered as a top priority in all Business decisions.

We will utilize the collaborative efforts and expertise of our workforce to coordinate diverse skills and to harmonize multiple streams of technology.

We will integrate the best of contemporary practices with new technologies and resources to achieve growth, improvement and transformation.

We will develop our people and promote a culture of continuous improvement in all kind of services and expertise.

We will conduct our Business in strict compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations; with Honesty and Integrity; and with strong commitment to highest Codes and Standards of Business ethics.

In order to meet our Goals we will pursue the following Objectives:-

-Provide our Customers with the Highest Quality Services,
-Provide those Services on Time in the Best possible way,
-Provide our Customers with the Best Pricing and Value for our Services,
-Provide totally Open Communications with our Customers in order to meet their Needs,
-Provide a System of our people’s professional involvement, Motivation and Training.

As a company we are prepared for the toughest of challenges and see opportunity in adversity. It is without any doubt that I can say, we as a dependable business partner to our clients adopt your project vision as ours and take responsibility for each step.
Finally, we sincerely hope that this profile of our Company will give you an overview and introduce you to the many services and products we deal with.

Yours Sincerely,

Won Koo Kwon
Middle East Technical Solutions


Won Koo Kwon